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August 20, 2017

E2Streamer – Easily Stream from any Enigma2 based STB to your PC

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I have written a small C# program which makes it very easy to stream from any enigma2 based STB to your PC.
It retrieves the STB bouquets using the STB IP address and then you can stream the channels by double clicking on the channel names.
It uses VLC to stream the channels and VLC should be installed in the default location “C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe”.

20/08/2017 :
– Initial Release

05/09/2017 :
– Version bumped to 1.1
– Added “Zap to Channel” Checkbox
– Added “Minimize to Tray” Checkbox
– Added “UnZap !” Button
– Added Copyright info

06/09/2017 :
– Version bumped to 1.2
– Added OnScreen Icon
– Added Quit button
– Bug fixes

07/09/2017 :
– Version bumped to 1.3
– Added “Select Player” button
– Bug fixes

23/02/2018 :
– Version bumped to 1.4
– Bug fixes

26/09/2018 :
– Version bumped to 1.5
– Running the app twice, restores the app
– Bug fixes

Download links:
E2Streamer 1.5
E2Streamer 1.4
E2Streamer 1.3
E2Streamer 1.2
E2Streamer 1.1
E2Streamer 1.0

March 12, 2010

Axel download manager for dreambox (dm800)

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From Axel Project official site :

Axel tries to accelerate HTTP/FTP downloading process by using multiple connections for one file. It can use multiple mirrors for a download. Axel has no dependencies and is lightweight, so it might be useful as a wget clone on byte-critical systems.

I found a working compiled version of axel download manager for my dm800.
You can download it from here : Click here to download axel mipsel
First decompress the zip file then put it in /usr/bin folder of your dreambox and make it executable and enjoy 🙂

March 5, 2010

How to sync dreambox date and time automatically

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I could not find rdate or ntpclient packages for dreambox , so I came up with another solution to sync my dreambox date and time when it boots up.
First you need another server with synced date and time , so we can read the correct date and time from it. also we need a webserver and php installed on it.
Create a script named “dreambox-date.php” on root folder of your web server with following content :

echo date("Y.m.d-G:i:s");

Create another file named “03datesync” in “/etc/network/if-up.d” folder of your dreambox with following content :

date -u -s `wget -O - http://IP_OR_FQDN/dreambox-date.php`

Change IP_OR_FQDN to your own hosting IP and domain name.
Also make it executable :

chmod +x 03datesync

All done 🙂 Now when dreambox boots up and its network interface is up , the above script would be called and it syncs your dreambox date and time.

February 28, 2010

How to install nano on your dreambox

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The bundled vi package with dreambox really sucks ! and I am a big fan of nano text editor , as always I was disappointed to find a rebuilt nano package in Gemini or even dreamboxupdate repos , so I searched the net and wonderfully found a nano package which works with my dm800 😀
instruction to install nano :

cd /sbin
mv mipsel-nano_2.0 nano
chmod +x nano

February 27, 2010

Set date,time and timezone on dreambox (dm800)

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You can set the time and date on dm800 by following command :

date -s YYYY.MM.DD-hh:mm:ss

YYYY is Year
MM is Month
DD is Day
hh is Hour (0-24)
mm is Minute
ss is Second

for changing the timezone , first get a file list of cities by following command :

ls /usr/share/zoneinfo/

choose your city or nearest city to you , then use the following command to change the timezone ( replace YOUR_CITY with your chosen city ) :

ln -sf /usr/share/zoneinfo/YOUR_CITY /etc/localtime

How to setup a PPPOE connection on your dreambox

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Setting up a PPPOE connection on my dm800 was one of the hardest challenges I’ve ever had , I wonder why there is no documentation about it on the net ! I guess I am the first one documenting it in the world 🙂
In this article we will install PPPOE on my dm800 box , I have Gemini 4.6 installed on it now. a “uname -a” command give the following output :

root@dm800:/etc# uname -a
Linux dm800 2.6.12-5.1-brcmstb-dm800 #1 Wed Mar 11 20:59:15 CET 2009 7401c0-nand unknown

first we need to install several kernel modules on our dreambox :

ipkg install kernel-module-slhc
ipkg install kernel-module-ppp-generic
ipkg install kernel-module-pppox
ipkg install kernel-module-pppoe

then we need to install PPP and PPPOE package , I don’t know why they are not available in default repo of Gemini image , but after a lot of search I found them in repo , so next step is to download and install them :

cd /tmp
ipkg install ppp_2.4.3-r2_mipsel.ipk
ipkg install ppp-oe_2.4.3-r2_mipsel.ipk

after installing all of required packages , we need to load the required kernel modules into memory.
so run the following commands :

depmod -a
modprobe pppoe

now we should have all required kernel modules loaded :

root@dm800:/etc/init.d# lsmod
Module                  Size  Used by    Tainted: P
pppoe 12416 0 - Live 0xc01ed000
pppox 2864 1 pppoe, Live 0xc01a8000
ppp_generic 29792 2 pppoe,pppox, Live 0xc01b3000
slhc 7552 1 ppp_generic, Live 0xc01a5000

Please note pppoe kernel module is loaded now.

OK , now we are ready to go and connect our PPPOE connection , to do this simply run the following command ( change USERNAME & PASSWORD in following command to your own PPPOE username and password ) :

pppd plugin eth0 user USERNAME password PASSWORD noauth defaultroute replacedefaultroute persist maxfail 0

thats it 🙂 if you have done everything correctly now , you should be connected now.
to disconnect from your PPPOE connection , simply run the following command :

killall pppd

Troubeshooting :
Sometimes I noticed , pppoe module doesnt get loaded (by command “modprobe pppoe”) with an error message while I had all required modules installed , after a lot of tries and errors I found out a reinstall of ppp_2.4.3-r2_mipsel.ipk resolves the issue , may be it is a bug.
After you have pppoe loaded in memory and checked it by “lsmod” command , if your connection still does not work , you can debug it by running syslog daemon and adding a “debug” option to the end of “pppd” command as follows :

pppd plugin eth0 user USERNAME password PASSWORD noauth defaultroute replacedefaultroute persist maxfail 0 debug

now you can go to “/var/log/” folder and check messages file. any errors or problems should be reported there , I suggest you to open another telnet or ssh to your dreambox and run the following commands :

cd /var/log/
tail -f messages

and now run the pppd , you can simultaneously see all debug messages.

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