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May 21, 2015

Block Torrent Trackers on Linux

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Create “/etc/trackers” with a list of trackers which you want to be blocked.
My current file contains:

You can have duplicates in the list, script will take care of that.

Now create “/usr/bin/blocktrackers” script:


L=$(/usr/bin/sort /etc/trackers | /usr/bin/uniq)
for fn in $L; do
        /sbin/iptables -D INPUT -d $fn -j DROP -m comment --comment "Tracker"
        /sbin/iptables -D FORWARD -d $fn -j DROP -m comment --comment "Tracker"
        /sbin/iptables -D OUTPUT -d $fn -j DROP -m comment --comment "Tracker"
        /sbin/iptables -A INPUT -d $fn -j DROP -m comment --comment "Tracker"
        /sbin/iptables -A FORWARD -d $fn -j DROP -m comment --comment "Tracker"
        /sbin/iptables -A OUTPUT -d $fn -j DROP -m comment --comment "Tracker"

Make it executable and create a cronjob to run it daily because trackers change IP address very often.

June 1, 2009

What affects the download speed of torrents ?

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Torrent is a P2P (Peer to Peer) network , means there is no central server to send data for clients , instead the clients connect to each other directly and communicate the data , in such network the speed depends on many factors despite the fact how much is your internet connection download speed.

1.Leechers/Seeders Ratio
if a torrent has many leechers (downloaders) but few seeders (uploaders) , then the speed of download would be low. I guess the reason is obvious 🙂

2.Network routes between peers
different geographic locations are connected to each other with different connection types , some with fiber optics , some with satellites , some with wireless networks and etc.
so it really matters where the seeders and leechers are located. someone in US may get 10x speed rather than someone in EU for a same torrent just because of network routes.

3.The softwares
The torrent softwares ( Torrent Clients ) have different performances , I would recommend uTorrent for best performance.

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