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April 5, 2017

How to monitor bandwidth/traffic usage on a router

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Usually users dont care about their Internet traffic usage, especially on broadband lines as ISP’s provide unmetered bandwidth.
Unfortunately it is not the case for everyone, I have to pay for every single gigabyte of traffic that I use to my ISP. Can you believe that !?
Recently I noticed my ISP usage statistics are a tad high, so I decided to log my usage myself and compare it to my ISP stats.
I have a Mikrotik router which is somewhat advanced, so I expected an easy straight forward solution to measure my daily traffic, but to my surprise I was wrong.
Most solutions available are inaccurate -like query speed of interface every 5 minutes and calculate an estimate- or hard to implement and overkill.
So I came up with a novel idea. Here is the principle:
Most routers keep inbound & outbound bandwidth counters of their network interfaces. If we can query these numbers through SNMP on predefined intervals, we can calculate interface traffic precisely.

April 10, 2010

Benchmark network throughput between 2 systems

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Today I had 2 systems connected to each other with Mellanox MT25208 InfiniBand cards with 40Gbps speed ( it is fast , isnt it ? 😀 ) , after setting up IPoIB ( IP on InfiniBand ) on cards. I wanted to make sure I really have 40Gbps speed , so I searched the net for a network throughput benchmark utility and I found a great software named PCAUSA Test TCP (PCATTCP)
You can download its latest version from its original site : Original Download Page
Or from my site :
Usage :
you have to run a receiver on one of systems by following command :

PCATTCP.exe -r

the default setting was not optimized for testing a 40Gbps line , so I used the following command on transmitter part :

PCATTCP.exe -t -l 819200 -n 1024 is the IP of receiver part.
You are curious to know the result ? 😀 Here it is :

PCAUSA Test TCP Utility V2.01.01.11
Started TCP Transmit Test 0...
TCP Transmit Test
  Transmit    : TCP ->
  Buffer Size : 819200; Alignment: 16384/0
  Connect     : Connected to
  Send Mode   : Send Pattern; Number of Buffers: 1024
  Statistics  : TCP ->
838860800 bytes in 1.97 real seconds = 416683.62 KB/sec +++
numCalls: 1024; msec/call: 1.97; calls/sec: 520.85

Yes , I have a working 40Gbps line 😀

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