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April 10, 2010

Benchmark network throughput between 2 systems

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Today I had 2 systems connected to each other with Mellanox MT25208 InfiniBand cards with 40Gbps speed ( it is fast , isnt it ? 😀 ) , after setting up IPoIB ( IP on InfiniBand ) on cards. I wanted to make sure I really have 40Gbps speed , so I searched the net for a network throughput benchmark utility and I found a great software named PCAUSA Test TCP (PCATTCP)
You can download its latest version from its original site : Original Download Page
Or from my site :
Usage :
you have to run a receiver on one of systems by following command :

PCATTCP.exe -r

the default setting was not optimized for testing a 40Gbps line , so I used the following command on transmitter part :

PCATTCP.exe -t -l 819200 -n 1024 is the IP of receiver part.
You are curious to know the result ? 😀 Here it is :

PCAUSA Test TCP Utility V2.01.01.11
Started TCP Transmit Test 0...
TCP Transmit Test
  Transmit    : TCP ->
  Buffer Size : 819200; Alignment: 16384/0
  Connect     : Connected to
  Send Mode   : Send Pattern; Number of Buffers: 1024
  Statistics  : TCP ->
838860800 bytes in 1.97 real seconds = 416683.62 KB/sec +++
numCalls: 1024; msec/call: 1.97; calls/sec: 520.85

Yes , I have a working 40Gbps line 😀

  • anon

    PCATTCP certainly seems a good tool. I imagine there are all kinds of complications with feeding and responding to bandwidth speeds like that but I don’t quite get how you can paste that up as your output and then claim “Yes , I have a working 40Gbps line”

    You put “416683.62 KB per second in Gb per second” into google and it will tell you:
    416 683.62 (KB per second) = 3.17904373 Gb per second
    which is certainly quite quick but not 40Gbps…

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