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March 11, 2012

Realtime mouse position monitor tool

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Sometimes very simple tools can not be found on Internet, for a project I needed to monitor mouse coordinates in real time, but I couldnt find anything useful on Internet so I wrote a small utility which displays mouse position (X,Y) on screen. It needs .net framework to be installed on your computer to work.
You can download it here : MousePos

  • rob

    PERFECT! Exactly what i was searching for, thanks!

  • Theng Kiat Chua

    Can you give me you source code? Is it C#?

  • Arjun Tare

    Working great, thanks a lot 🙂

  • Resonant Frequency

    HAy you would not want to share the code? .im working on a device with an arduino and am trying to find a way to track the mouse movements?
    looks like a real elegant solution you created…THANKS

  • Chuck Cartia

    I agree with rob’s reply, an elegant solution, no frills, tiny window with nothing but the info you want. Would it be possible to include the co-ords of the mouse within the active window? I have a prog that did that but no longer works in Win10

  • appears to be malware, or virus. why would you allow that here?

  • Hope Christiansen

    Downloaded and installed just fine. This is not a virus or malware. Very useful little tool. Thanks!

  • Jonny Lin

    I got a little worried reading your comment so I decompiled the .exe, looks pretty simple and safe to me.!AvvwH17pMGCFie5kaIJkF2M3HKdDFg

  • Marco Note

    Thanks, you’re an Idol!

  • Leighton

    Doesn’t work with 4k resolution. 🙁

  • MaddBomber83

    Thank you for this. Quick and easy to help set up some macros.

  • Dan

    Great tool. Feature request:

    1) offset option.
    If i click or right click or hold the control key down. it displays the click position and then the mouse position X, Y is relative to the original Click. maybe reset once the Ctrl key is released or when clicked again.

    2) Remember position. include a text box that logs the cursor position each time a specific key is pressed (eg. CTRL or mouse click) have a text box that captures each position and allow the user that give that position a name.

  • Andrew

    This tool seems to assume your monitor is 1280×720. Pretty useless for most people.

  • Ravisson Almeida

    Great job! Workd simply fine!

  • Ravisson Almeida

    Mine is 1600×900 and worked great.

  • Jan H. Martin

    Thanks! Helps me determine Click positions for AutoHotkey

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