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August 20, 2017

E2Streamer – Easily Stream from any Enigma2 based STB to your PC

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I have written a small C# program which makes it very easy to stream from any enigma2 based STB to your PC.
It retrieves the STB bouquets using the STB IP address and then you can stream the channels by double clicking on the channel names.
It uses VLC to stream the channels and VLC should be installed in the default location “C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe”.

20/08/2017 :
– Initial Release

05/09/2017 :
– Version bumped to 1.1
– Added “Zap to Channel” Checkbox
– Added “Minimize to Tray” Checkbox
– Added “UnZap !” Button
– Added Copyright info

06/09/2017 :
– Version bumped to 1.2
– Added OnScreen Icon
– Added Quit button
– Bug fixes

07/09/2017 :
– Version bumped to 1.3
– Added “Select Player” button
– Bug fixes

Download links:
E2Streamer 1.3
E2Streamer 1.2
E2Streamer 1.1
E2Streamer 1.0

  • arsivci

    Hello, this app is what I have been looking for for a long time. I wanna use it in a totally different way, like a small handi remote controller as a blind user. So can you enable the just zap only option? I mean I wanna use it to receive the bouquet lits and zap by just pressing enter. ?ts interface is very clean, You just maybe can allow the settings tab kept hidden after the required arrangement. if possible, would you please allow the zap only feature independent from vlc as well?
    Thanks a lot

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